woensdag 7 september 2016

Big event this september: national meeting of the Urban Sketchers, hosted here in Munich. May not have been my most productive days, still a wonderful time with so many like-minded artists.

Panorama of Wittelsbacher Platz, Munich, 2016
(this is where I did my workshop/demo)

Residenz / Hofgarten, Munich 2016
in THE KEG bar, Munich, 2016

Fellow artists in the Shamrock, Munich, 2016

Been loving this place ever since the first pint two years ago. Took several visits to get this panorams done, not just due to the level of intoxication, but also because it usually was filling up too fast to get a clear view.

Kilian´s Irish Pub, Munich, 2016
Sketching in Munich, on my own, with students or the Urban Sketcher chapter
Museum 5 Kontinente, Munich, 2015 (first time I managed to come to one of the Urban Sketcher Meetings. T´was pissing down all afternoon. Amazingly the paper took the pen despite being soaking wet!)

St.Maximilian, München, 2015

Wittelsbacher Bridge and Temple of Diana, Munich, 2015

Historical vehicles, Public Transport MVV Museum, Munich, 2016 

Alte Pinakothek, Munich, 2016

Dianatempel, Hofgarten / Feldherrnhalle, Odeonsplatz, Munich, 2016

Drink&Draw in Dreigroschenkeller, Munich, 2016

Stadtmuseum, Munich, 2016

Stadtmuseum, Munich, 2016

Südfriedhof, Munich, 2016

Westpark, Munich, 2016
To not start this blog empty or merely with the most recent works  I went digging through my old sketchbooks to find some of my past sins. Period 2007-2014, sketches from the Netherlands.

Hall of the courthouse in Rotterdam, 2007

Rotterdam Blaak, 2010

Lange Haven, Schiedam, 2010

Oude Haven, Rotterdam, 2011

Campus, TU Delft, 2011

Urban fiction, 2011

Fiction from PET bottles, 2012

Bouwpub, Delft, 2012

EYE building, Amsterdam, 2012

Parkweg Metrostation, Schiedam, 2012

Troelstralaan Metrostation, Schiedam, 2012

Troelstralaan Metrostation, Schiedam, 2012

Urban Fiction, 2013