vrijdag 16 juni 2017

Sketching on Crete

Comfortably residing in Malia on Crete for 9 days the local Excavations were the first to lure out my pens. 3rd largest minoan palace on the Island, many of the artifacts been shipped off to Heraklion Museum of Archaeology, but some huge storage-vases remained there. Needless to say I got very thirsty from sketching.

And then there was the palace of Knossos:

But not only ancient ruins drew my attention. There were some lovely sights in the old town of Mália worth darwing. Myth goes, the church below, built under turkish occupation has built without water to mix the mortar. One way of blocking building materials to prevent an unappreciated religion to create a place of worship. What did the clever Cretians do? Used milk instead!!!

At the best of times good motifs go hand in hand with creature comforts: As in this case the little chaple had a tavern attached to it. Amazing food and good service. Chapel on one night at wich the waiters of Odas Taverna jokingly suggested I´d do the whole tavern next. Well ... just my thing, isn´t it? So two more delicious meals, some sketching between the courses. Needless to say I did go there for a meal on my last night, as well. 

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