woensdag 11 april 2018

Months indoors

There always is something to draw. Apart from the endless doodles and some time-consuming assignments a couple of exercises in observational drawing.

Rather happy about this little fellow: Convinced the University to buy one of the Asaro heads with flat surfaces for colour and light-studies. Low-poly, as we would call it nowadays.

Poor weather as well when all Munich artist groups were invited to a sketching meeting in a museum about geology, evolution and nature in the amazing palace of Nymphenburg. Was freezing cold outside and packed indoors. From small babies to toddlers. Their parents were far more obnoxious, though.

Imagine sketching that  dino skeletton and a mom comes around, baby in arm, looks around, settles down right in front of the exhibit on a bench to .... breastfeed and leers at then scolds me for a pervert for looking in her direction. Parents - aye, they were the worst. When we were banned from using any wet drawing materials, those were having cakes and mayonaise drooping sandwitches in the middle of the exhibition .... right next to the room available for meals and lunches ... :o

In January the Urban Sketchers made do with the urban museum of Munich, containing a section of historic puppets. Not too thrilling when one prefers buildings and spaces.

Was interesting to run into the fellow to the right, or raster his bust, one Franz Graf von Pocci. Coming past an underground station on the way home each day I never took the time to wonder what the street with the italian sounding name "Poccistra├če" may be named after. Tours out your man had written numerous plays for puppeteers and is credited for making the german version of Punch and Judy popular. Getting to know this city ....

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