zondag 12 februari 2017

The dark days of the year

Winter in Munich! Not the best time if one prefers to do his sketching outside. Urban Sketcher group went to the transport exhibition of the german museum. Cars - not my favourite! But these were old and sort of wacky. Bit later on some doodles while the students had their life-model exercise.

Much more interesting than yesterday: Medusa had petrified lots of greeks. Wish someone would have done the same to the obnoxious muggles, persistant on standing on everyone´s way. So lost my patience. Curious how what is now considered culture would have served as little more than child-porn, back in the day ....

Hoped I had found myself a good spot to draw when one of the "Glyphothek" museum guard dogs approached me, berating me in (d)english "Zat I vos drowing vrom ze rong Seite!" . Not drawing the bleddy gravestones (ye silly cow), trying to tackle the space!

Not too satisfied and can´t wait to get out in the open air again! Temperatures are rising slowly n hope winter doesn´t decide to lash back at us. To finish the post a drawing from last month´s trip to the bavarian national museum. Been there once for our fashion dept.´s catwalk and always wanted to have a go at that weird pompous staircase.

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