zaterdag 3 juni 2017

Wroclaw - some roots

Easter trip to Wroclaw with the family, the town my father was born in. Weather was pretty dismal and of course poor aul me got dragged along by the other three and told to get a move on, sometimes, still: managed to do a fair bit of sketching there. Town is too packed with beautiful spots to draw all of them. Guess I´ll have to return some day. Mom didnß´t know about all the gnome skulptures hidden in the most unlikely spots and we all had a jolly good time, keeping our eyes open for their misschief left right and centre. Good food, good beer. What else would we be asking for?


Remembered this place from 2001. Centinary hall with gardens. Huge concrete dome, largest of it´s kind at the time.

Finding spots to draw just about everywhere ...

St. Elisabeth 

And a quick sketch inside a brewery pub during lunch...

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