woensdag 11 oktober 2017

USk Germany Moot 2017: Eutin

In early September, I travelled north to meet up with about 120 other artists to participate in the annual Urban Sketcher Germany Moot in the lovely town of Eutin (where the fxxx is that? ... well close to the baltic sea, north of marzipan-capitol L├╝beck). Comes with chalets and all. Lovely people put toghether a great weekend  or all of us. Check Urban Sketcher blogs or their facebook for more impressions.
Started out by digging out my old boyscout tent and risk camping out by a lake. Morning fog! How I´ve missed you!

Kellersee impression

Panorama of the market square of Eutin. Whole lot of us was so eager to get started  that most had arived long before the official start of the event. Detlev Surrey from Berlin kept sketching long enough for me to include him. Finished just before the only drops of rain started, by which time the lecturers of the weekend were welcomed to the town hall by the mayor so we could sign the "golden book"

Marktplatz Eutin

On Saturday there actually was a market on the market square, had to gulp down 7 herrings all toghether. Been deprived of fresh ones for far too long as I have acquired quite a taste for them back in Holland. Still joined the exercise of the wonderful Tine Klein.


Busy with pointing out mirror effects in water surfaces in my own demo, the first drawing atually finished was during the sketch crawl on sunday.

Schloss Eutin

Weekend was far too short to enjoy that picturesque little town and the company of al those peers. Looking forward to Hamburg next year!

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