vrijdag 11 mei 2018


Only just recovered from a cool stag party of my dearest colleague, drifting down the river Isar on a log-float with three wooden kegs - an entirely awesome experience! - last Sunday was another grand moot of the local Urban Sketchers chapter. Early May and we have already had over a month worth of sunny summer days with hardly a drop of rain. First sight I aimed for on the old cemetary (alter Südfriedhof) was the arched passage to the south-western section close to the lapidarium. Determined I wanted to get some sort of colour impression I ignored all the warning signs: Too hot, too dry: watercolours drying on the brush and hardly a chance of an appropriate wash + colours meant NO SUNGLASSES!!! Neigh snowblind after 15 minutes I turned to pen for a proper drawing.

It was just there that the crew of the local broadcast BR snuck up on me. I knew they had come to report on our little sketching flashmob and was happy to answer their question ... quite a number of questions actually. Couldn´t be sure I hadn´t given too many moronic deliberations, so was delighted when the couple of sentences they picked sounded halfway intelligent/profound.

BR: Urban Sketching in Munich

To close the afternoon and before heading for a pint at Kennedy´s I had spotted some weird basin along the way I wanted to tackle. Amongst the ancient gravestones it looked quite interesting. And it was! Still pretty new to town I had never heard of the battle it was supposed to commemorate. What? 1705 on Christmas day? Peasants had died ... for what reason .. how many and does anyone remember? Sendlinger Mordweihnacht? Do they tell the story to the kids? It appeared to have been an uprising during some struggle for succession of the spanish throne. Too complicated to summarize, but when digging through Wikipedia it turned out the rebel base was in the former village I now live at. Slaughtered after surrendering I will soon head up to the old church and graveyard where I have seen a statue of one of the rebel´s great hero, the Blacksmith of Kochel. Really love how drawing leads to little discoveries!

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