zaterdag 21 juli 2018

random sketches

Busy times, leaving very little for leisure sketching. One of the last trips with the students before they focused on their game projects to a cemetary near University.
Südfriedhof, München

One of the highlights in between the full schedule was a weekend camping out on Greenfarm at Hauslerhof in Hallbergmoos, trying to capture the colours around one of the little lakes near the farm before the bands started playing again. Quite impressive what size the jumping fishes appeared to be.

See am Hauslerhof, Hallbergmoos

Urban Sketchers Munich were invited by BISS magazine (homeless monthly street-news project, silver aniversary) to draw their installation wrapping up the royal statue on Wittelsbacher Platz.

BISS Pavillion, Wittelsbacher Platz

Sketch anywhere - anytime! Was sure I would get bored in the lunchbreak of my first-aid course some weeks ago, so did a little sketch of some funky building near Leuchtenbergring.


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